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Properties installed with Project Management

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Properties installed with Project Management

You need the project_manager role to access the Project properties.

Navigate to Project > Settings > Preferences to configure the following properties.

Property Description
Enable firing of Business Rules on save from Planning Console. This property has no impact in deferred save mode and in deferred save mode the Business Rules never get fired.


If set to true, the project planning console triggers business rules when the State field on the Project form is changed. If set to false, the State field is not editable.
Note: Reload the console if you make changes to this property.

Default value: false

Calculate ROI percentage based on a project's estimated cost and its net value


If set to true, this property calculate the return on investment using the (net value/estimated cost) x 100 formula. This fields is only available from the Advanced view of the Project form.

Default value: true

Enable project cost rollup (estimated and actual) – updating the cost of a project task will update the cost of its parent


If set to true, this property updates the cost of a parent project task if the cost of the child task is updated.

Default value: false

Roll up project start date from tasks


If set to true, the project planned start date rolls up from the planned start date of the earliest task. Disable this property if you want the project planned start date to remain the same despite the start date of the earliest task.

Default value: true

Automatically close project milestone tasks when they change to work state


If set to true, this property closes milestones automatically so you do not have to close them manually.

Default value: false

Retain start on constraint on tasks after adding relations


If set to true, this property keeps a task's Start on selection even after you put the task in a relation to another task, for example, FS relation.

Default value: false

Enable altering of planned date(s) for task in WIP/Closed


If set to true, this property allows you to change the planned start date for tasks even if they are in the Work in progress state or any of the closed states.

Default value: false

Change Resource Plan and Cost Plan Start Date with Demand or Project Start Date Change


If set to true, this property changes the start dates for Resource Plan and Cost Plan when there is a change in project or demand dates.

Default value: false

Create project(s) on confirming demands from portfolio workbench


If set to true, this property converts all selected demands in a portfolio to projects.

Default value: false

List of attributes (comma-separated) that will be copied from the originating project task


By default, the Copy Project and Copy partial project options only copy the short description, planned dates, and duration fields from source project to the target project. If additional columns must be copied, they should be declared in this property.

Default value: blank