Generate controlled cost lines

Cost lines generated in itfm_allocation_aggregate table were a multi-model data enabling you to view cost split in any segment combination, which did not assist in performance or save the database space. Generate Controlled Cost Lines functionality helps you to control the required allocation lines per your business needs.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin


  1. Navigate to Cost Transparency > Cost Models > All
  2. Enable the Generate Controlled Cost Lines check box to generate cost lines of the amount aggregated at the account level in the itfm_allocation_aggregate table.
  3. If you require the sub-bucket information of the generated lines, then select the Include sub-Bucket Info check box.

    The generated controlled cost lines are sufficient to plot single dimension charts along with the buckets.

  4. Define breakdown relationship explicitly to view reports on relationship between two segments.

    The engine then generates the additional breakdown allocation lines in the itfm_allocation_breakdown table, which help to plot two-dimension chart between segments. For example, IT Shared Service contribution to Business Unit.

  5. Select a segment in Choose Segments for GL Expense Lines to generate GL expense lines for the segment in itfm_allocation table.