User roles for financial reporting

Showback statement reports are created, owned, analyzed, and used by people with different roles. Assign roles to your users to let them perform the tasks you want them to manage. Grant them access to consoles where you can limit them to their role functions.

Following are the roles defined for an analyst, a service owner, and a showback user:

Role Description
Service Charging Analyst (service_charging_analyst) Create/update/delete/view charge items.
Create/update/delete/view charge item breakdowns.
Create/update/delete/view charge item drilldowns.
Create/update/delete/view showback statement definitions.
Create/update/delete/view showback statement line definitions.
Generate/publish the showback statements.
Service Charge Owner (service_charging_owner) View charge items.
Access the service charging console to review/set the pricing policies.
Review the charge item drilldown with the available breakdowns and drilldowns.
Showback User (showback_user) View the showback statements.
Accept the showback statements.