Financial analyst budgeting dashboard

The Financial Analyst Budgeting dashboard is an interface for the financial analyst to quickly view the significance of budgeting and forecasting data at a glance. Create the budget and forecast plans.

You can also navigate to Financial Planning > Dashboard.

  • Planned Budget: Shows the expenses that have been planned for the fiscal year.
  • Planned Budget vs Actuals: Displays the year to date difference in amount between the planned budget and the actuals.
  • CAPEX: Shows the fiscal year budget for capital expenses.
  • OPEX: Shows the fiscal year budget for operating expenses.
  • Top Spenders: Lists the departments with the highest budget for the fiscal year.
  • Budget trend chart: Shows the trend of the budget over a time period.
  • Budget Plan Vs Forecast Plan: Displays budget and forecast plans for the selected fiscal periods by department.