Roles installed with Vendor Risk Management

GRC: Vendor Risk Management adds the following roles.
Role title [name] Description Contains roles
Vendor risk assessor


Manages vendors, manages vendor contacts, manages vendor risk assessments and issues, and completes vendor risk assessment requests.
  • sn_vdr_risk_asmt.vendor_assessment_reviewer
  • vendor_editor
  • vendor_reader
  • compliance reader
Vendor risk manager


Manages vendors, manages vendor contacts, manages vendor assessment templates, manages questionnaire templates, manages documentation request templates, and manages scheduled assessments.
  • assessment_admin
  • sn_vdr_risk_asmt.vendor_assessment_reviewer
  • sn_vdr_risk_asmt.vendor_assessor


  • sn_compliance.reader
  • sn_risk.reader
  • vendor reader
  • task editor
Vendor contact


Answers questionnaires regarding risk. Primary contacts can also manage other contacts for the vendor.
  • None