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Add a CI rate card cost

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Add a CI rate card cost

You can add a rate card cost to the CI rate card.

  1. Navigate to Cost > Costs > CI Rate Cards.
  2. Select a rate card.
  3. In the Rate Card Costs related list, click New.
  4. Enter a Start date.
  5. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Field Description

    [Read-only] The rate card cost identification number. Automatically assigned.

    Rate card

    The identification number of the rate card to which this rate card cost is associated.


    The rate card cost name.


    Check box that indicates whether to enable cost processing for this cost.

    Short description A brief description of the rate card cost. The description is used to identify the processed cost on an expense line record.
    Start date

    The date the cost should start being processed.

    End date

    The date the cost should stop being processed.


    The frequency at which the rate card cost recurs.


    Check box that indicates whether the cost is a repeating cost. Also sets generated expense lines to show as recurring. If this check box is cleared, no further expenses are generated automatically.

    Sales tax

    Check box that indicates whether to apply sales tax to the cost.

    Tax rate

    The tax rate to apply to the cost.

    Order Used by task rate cards.
    Last processed

    [Read-only] The date and time this cost was last processed.

    Next process

    The next date on which new expenses will be processed based on the Process FM Costs scheduled job.

    Base cost

    The amount that must be paid before taxes.

    Tax cost

    Total cost of the tax.

    Total cost

    Total rate card cost, including taxes.


    Detailed description of the rate card cost.