View business service applications map

Business service applications map helps you to visualize the business applications that support the business services with their respective assessments scores.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst

About this task

As an enterprise architect or an analyst, you can refer the business service applications map to analyze the business services by their application indicator scores. The map highlights the application indicator scores as major, medium, and minor gaps to help you identify the target area. You can further drill down to a specific business application to identify specific indicators that are not up to your expected level of performance. After you identify the areas of concern, you can create an idea, a goal, or a program to strengthen your business service.


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Business Service Applications Map.
    Figure 1. Business service applications map
    Business service applications map

    The business service applications map displays a similar layout of information as what you see in the business process capability map, with a right and left pane structure. Business services along with their associated business applications are displayed on the left pane. The business service is the parent configuration item and the associated business application is the child configuration item. You can see the CI score displayed for the business application and the overall score of the business service in each tile.

  2. Analyze the business applications that are an inventory of applications and support in running the IT organization.
  3. Assess the business applications to know how well they support the business service.
  4. Click a business application to drill down and see the score breakdown of the application indicators.

    The business application score is the weighted average of all the indicator scores associated with the corresponding scoring profile.

  5. Identify any major gaps in business applications and make a strategic decision whether to invest, sustain, replace, or retire the application. Based on the decision track ideas, create a strategic goal, or a program.