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Monitor performance, costs, and workloads for an application

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Monitor performance, costs, and workloads for an application

Application 360 dashboard performs as a reporting tool and uses Performance Analytics to provide a decision-making approach to Application Portfolio Management by identifying which business application requires focus and attention. The dashboard helps you to analyze the indicator scores and execute effective decisions.

Before you begin

In the Business Application choice list, select an application to monitor its performance, costs, and workload in the following tabs and sections within the application 360 dashboard:

  • Overview: Review the overall application score for the fiscal period.
    • Application Indicator Scores: View the trend and distribution for the different indicators of the selected fiscal period.
  • Costs:
    • Total Costs Fiscal Quarterly: View the details of the total cost incurred in the quarterly fiscal period.
    • Scorecard: Ascertain the cost details and ratings over time, comparing them over different quarters.
  • Workload: View the graphical illustration of the number of new incidents, problems, and changes over the selected fiscal period and the workload trend.

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst


Navigate to Application Portfolio > Application Assessment > Application 360.
Figure 1. Application indicator scores
The application indicator scores