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User roles installed with Application Portfolio Management

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User roles installed with Application Portfolio Management

Role Description Contains roles
sn_apm.apm_user Access to create/update applications, view landscape, and roadmap

Create/Update/delete applications

Create/update/delete application rollouts

View application landscape reports and dashboards

View applications roadmap

sn_apm.apm_admin Create or update application records and access administration activities

Includes sn_apm.apm_user

Create/update/delete application categories

Create/update/delete application families

Create/update/delete business processes

Create/update/delete application indicators

Create/update/delete application score profile

Create/update/delete bubble charts

View application indicator scores and application scores

View application assessment dashboard

sn_apm.apm_analyst Access applications landscape, dashboards, roadmaps, strategy program workbench, and associated pages

Includes sn_apm.apm_admin

View/update/delete application indicator scores

View/update/delete application scores

Create/update/delete APM programs and targets

Create/update/delete goals

Access the APM Service Portal pages for program navigation, category analysis, bubble chart view, application comparisons

Create Idea with application strategy related attributes

View Application 360 PA dashboard