Rank a story in Agile Development 2.0

Rank the stories manually in a story list.

Before you begin

Role required: scrum_release_planner, scrum_sprint_planner, scrum_story_creator, scrum_admin

About this task

Typically, the stories are ranked in a story backlog list. The stories can also be ranked in release planning list, or in sprint planning board. Stories ranked in a backlog list appear in the same order in release planning list, or in sprint planning board. Conversely, stories ranked in the planning list/board appear in that order when viewed in the list in the backlog.


  1. Open a story list in which you want to rank the stories in one of these ways:
    From the story, or release, or group backlog list
    1. Navigate to Agile Development > Backlog.
    2. Click All Stories, or Release Backlog, or Group Backlog in the record list.

      The respective story backlog is displayed.

    From release planning list
    • Navigate to Agile Development > Planning > Release Planning.
    From sprint planning board
    • Navigate to Agile Development > Planning > Sprint Planning.
  2. Determine a rank for a story, and enter this number in the appropriate rank field.
    The available rank fields are:
    • Rank
    • Product rank
    • Group rank
    • The available rank fields depend from where you open the list of stories. For example, the group backlog list has Group rank as ranking field.
    • It is possible to leave gaps when you are specifying the ranks. For example, if there are 3 stories in backlog, the ranks can be 5, 10, and 15.


The ranks for stories appear in the list.
Note: The story list is not sorted by your ranking.

What to do next

Based on the ranking, you can select stories for release, or sprint planning.