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Plan a release backlog

Plan a release backlog

Perform release planning by selecting a product, and moving stories from a product backlog to a release backlog.

Before you begin

Role required: scrum_release_planner, scrum_sprint_planner, scrum_story_creator, scrum_admin

About this task

Stories for a release can be selected based on overall and product ranking of the stories. The number of stories selected depends upon the capacity of the groups working on the release.


  1. Navigate to Agile Development > Planning > Release Planning.
  2. Select the stories in the list and assign them to the required release.
    Note: You can also plan the group backlog simultaneously with release planning.


The selected stories appear in:
  • the release backlog.
  • the group backlog, if an assignment group was selected in Step-3.

What to do next

  • Create sprints and assign stories from the group backlog to the sprints using sprint planning board.
  • Track the progress of a release and overall performance on the release burn down chart and velocity chart.
  • The product owner can use the Product Owner Dashboard to view the release and sprint progress.

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