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Create a sprint for a group

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Create a sprint for a group

Generate sprints for an assignment group. It allows different groups to use different sprint schedules.

Before you begin

Role required: scrum_sprint_planner, scrum_admin

Before attempting to create sprints, ensure that you have created an assignment group, a group backlog, and at least one group to work on the stories in that backlog.


  1. Navigate to Agile Development > Groups.
  2. Open the desired group from the list.
  3. In the Sprints related list, click New.
  4. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Sprint form
    Field Description
    Number A system generated number for the sprint.
    Assignment group The group to which the sprint belongs.
    Total commited points Displays the total points for all stories in the sprint.

    Story points are arbitrary measurements of the effort (not necessarily the time) required to complete a story, based on the estimates of group members.

    This is a read-only field, and the default number in this field is zero. As you add stories, the points are updated automatically from the story points.

    Completed points Displays the total points for all non-canceled stories associated with the sprint. This is a read-only field that updates automatically as group members complete stories.

    When the sprint is complete, the completed points should equal the Total committed points value.

    State The current state of the sprint. The default is Draft.
    Planned start date The date when sprint work is scheduled to begin.
    Planned end date The date when sprint work is scheduled to end. Sprints typically last 2 - 4 weeks and cannot occur outside the time limits of the release to which they are associated.
    Group capacity (points) Displays the total points for all group members in the sprint. This number is the measurement of the group capacity for this sprint.
  5. Click Submit.


The new sprint is added to the Sprints related list on the Group record.

What to do next

  • Add stories to the sprint using Stories related list.
  • Perform sprint planning by selecting and moving stories from the group backlog to the sprint.
  • Use the following related lists and links on the sprint form to manage the sprint and track its progress: