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Story object information on the story board

Story object information on the story board

Each card on the story board represents a story object, which occupies a position in a State column. A story object contains the following information:

The following story fields are displayed on a story card:

Table 1. Story object fields
Name Description
Short description A brief description of the development or activity.
Assigned to The group member working on the story.
Story Type Whether this story relates to development or documentation or is a spike (that is, research activity).
Classification Whether the story is for a defect or a feature.
Has Tasks Whether the story has scrum tasks associated with it.

The story progress board uses the following icons to manage and indicate the status of a story on a story card:

Table 2. Story object icons
Title Image Description
Blocked or Unblocked icon for blocked story A red icon indicates that a blocking issue prevents the story from advancing to the next state. A blue icon indicates that no blocking issues prevent a state change. Click the icon to toggle between the two states. You must enter a reason when changing the story to a status of Blocked.
Points icon for story points The number shows the points assigned to the story. Double-click to change the points.
Tasks icon for adding scrum tasks for a story Icon to add a task to the story.