Context menu on the task progress board in Agile Development 2.0

The task progress board context menu allows easy access to several actions.

Click screenshot for icon of context menuicon in the header to open the progress board context menu.

Table 1. Task context menu
Title Description
Hide Details Displays only the short descriptions of stories and tasks on the task progress board and hides field data.
Filter Enables you to filter the stories and tasks shown based on Blocked status, State, Assigned To, Story Type, Classification, or Task Type.
Edit Sprint Opens the Sprint form in a pop-up window, allowing you to update the sprint as needed.
Show Story Board Opens the story progress board for stories in this sprint.
Sprint Planning Board Displays the sprint planning board for the related sprint and release.
Burn Down Chart Opens the burndown chart in a pop-up window, allowing you to track the actual and expected progress of sprints visually.