Signature Pad

Signature pad is a feature that any application can use. It captures an electronic signature that can be associated with a document or a task.

The HR Service Delivery application uses signature pad with onboarding documents like offer letters, background check approval, company policy acknowledgements, and more.

The Human Resources Scoped App: Core [com.sn_hr_core] plugin activates the Signature Pad [com.snc.signaturepad] plugin. The Signature Image [signature_image] table installs with this plugin.

Ensure Yes is checked in the com.snc.signaturepad.retrieveSignature field on HR properties. See HR Properties.

You can send your employees documents that require a user verification such as a digital signature or by typing their name.
When signature pad is associated with a document or a task, it captures the drawn signature as an image and stores it in the Signature Image [signature_image] table.
Note: Typing a signature provides acknowledgement, but does not capture an image that is stored.
For HR document templates, use the Insert Signature button to insert a variable that prompts a user to sign the document. For HR PDF document templates, use the Employee Signature field name and PDF Template Mappings to prompt a user to sign the document. See HR Document Templates.
Note: Check the generate document UI action condition to ensure this feature works correctly.
The HR Delivery System uses PDF documents for various scenarios. An example of the code used to call a UI page or dialog box for the signature pad:PDF code snippet example that calls UI page.
An example of the code used in a document after a signature has been accepted and a final PDF document is created:Example of code when signature is accepted.