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HR Properties

HR properties controls the behavior of the HR Service Delivery.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Properties.
  2. Edit the form.
    Table 1. HR Properties
    Field Description
    sn_hr_core.hr_profile_default_fields Fields that appear on the Generate HR Profiles page. You can add fields from the sn_hr_core_profile column, but use commas to separate the fields.
    sn_hr_core.hr_email Enter the default email address for general HR inquiries.
    sn_hr_core.hr_phone Enter the default phone number for general HR inquiries.
    sn_hr_core.hr_profile_editable_fields Fields that users can edit themselves about their employee profile.
    sn_hr_core.profile.max.tries The maximum number of attempts allowed before the application exits when creating a user.
    sn_hr_core.hr_vip_default_priority The default priority on cases that the Opened for and/or Subject person is tagged as a VIP.
    sn_hr_core.impersonateCheck Check Yes to prevent a user impersonating another user with higher access from viewing or editing sensitive information.
    com.snc.signaturepad.retrieveSignature Check Yes to enable signature retrieval and allowing users to save their digital signatures for reuse.
    sn_hr_core.log The level of detail for system logs. The valid values are:
    • Info: Least amount of detail
    • Warn: Default
    • Debug: Most amount of detail
    sn_hr_core.managed_documents Check Yes to allow use of managed documents.
    sn_hr_core.rollup_work_notes Check Yes to have work notes from a task also appear on the case.
    sn_hr_core.inbound_email This parameter determines if an email to HR is converted into an HR case.
    • Yes: Create an HR case from email.
    • No: Do not create an HR case from email.
  3. Click Save.