Use Sources to provide information on the inbound and outbound third-party HR application and define properties that control the behavior of the integration process.

About this task

Before integrating information from a third-party application, ensure information from the source and target are accurate.
Note: The base system provides test information for Workday. Update the credentials, Endpoint URL, and version before proceeding.


  1. Navigate to HR Integrations > Sources.
  2. Click New or an existing source to edit.
  3. Complete the form.
    Field Description
    Name The name of the third-party application.
    Endpoint URL The web service URL for the third-party application.

    Contact the HR Integrations Admin [sn_hr_integrations.admin] for this information.

    Inbound Username Enter the inbound integration user name configured in the third-party application.
    Inbound Password Enter the corresponding password for the inbound user.
    Active Check to activate this source.
    Version The version of the third-party application your company is using.
    Outbound Username Enter the outbound integration user name configured in the third-party application.
    Outbound Password Enter the corresponding password for the outbound user.
  4. Click Save. The HR integrations source properties section displays. This section provides the properties that determine how the scheduled integration job runs. Available source properties are:
    sn_hr_integrations.debug Enable the system debug log used for troubleshooting.
    • True: Run debug log.
    • False: Do not run the debug log.
      Note: Setting to true impacts system performance.

      Gets the XML response as a log and used for XML pairing.

    sn_hr_integrations.dryrun Enable a dry run of integration. Employee information can be verified in Job Tracker.
    sn_hr_integrations.enable_auto_update Allow HR profile updates to skip the third-party business process and directly update the third-party record.
    sn_hr_integrations.enable_push Enable HRSM to push (outbound) data to a third-party HR application.
    Enter the number of days that the application looks ahead from the integration run date for upcoming onboarding and offboarding events in the third-party application. The number of days determines when to create or modify an HR profile record. For example:
    • Set this property to 28 days.
    • A record for a new hire starting in 30 days is created in the third-party application.
    • Integration is run.
    • The user and HR profile records are not created because the starting date is beyond the number of days set.
  5. Click Update.