Create or modify Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mappings

With Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mappings, you can pass information from the parent life-cycle event case to an activity.

Before you begin

Role required: Lifecycle Activity Set Manager [sn_hr_le.activity_set_manager].

About this task

Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mappings copy to all activities created using the fulfiller configuration. This feature is convenient for common mappings that can be reused.

The Map from field option is always available on the Lifecycle Events case. The Map to field option is available on the corresponding activity task table.

Note: These options also apply to Activity Field mappings. Refer to Create or modify Lifecycle Events activity field mappings.


  1. Create or edit a fulfiller activity configuration. Refer to Create or modify Lifecycle Events fulfiller activity configurations.
  2. After creating a fulfiller activity configuration, click Save. The Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mappings section displays.
  3. Click New or click an existing Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mappings record to modify it.
    Activity type configuration Fulfiller activity type.
    Map from table Select or edit the table that provides the source-value field.
    Map from field Select or edit the field that the value comes from.
    Map to table Select or edit the table that provides the destination-value field.
    Map to field Select or edit the destination field.
    When mapping, ensure the map from and map to entities match. For example, string to string, reference to reference.
  4. Click Submit or Update.