HR Data Migration

Data Migration is the starting and ending point for migrating your data from the global version of HR to the scoped version.

About this task

The Pre-Migration report provides the tables and columns that were added or changed in the global version of HR. From the pre-migration report, you can:
  • Ensure changed and new tables created in the global version are mapped to the scoped version.
  • Apply or skip changes made to columns. Skipping does not apply changes to scoped tables.
  • Apply schema changes to the tables in the scoped version of HR.
  • Start data migration.


  1. Navigate to HR Migration > Data Migration.
  2. Under Related Links, click Generate Pre-Migration Report.
  3. After the report runs, click the link under Run ID. The Pre-Migration report displays.
  4. In the Migration Pre-Results section, a list of changes to columns or choice lists displays with a description. Check the box next to each line item from Actions on selected rows, and select Apply or Skip.
  5. Click Apply schema changes.
  6. Click Confirm to apply the schema changes.
  7. After the schema update runs, click Close.
  8. Click Start Migration. A list of tables to be migrated displays.
  9. Click Migrate to migrate one table at a time. Click Migrate All to automatically migrate each table in succession.
    A report displays with a status for each table. The report provides the total number of global records, number of records inserted, number of records updated, status of the migration, and number of records not processed. When a record fails, click the red number to list the errors.