Tables installed with Human Resources

Human Resources Application: Core plugin adds the following tables.
Table Description
HR Beneficiary


Subject tables (HR services).
HR Benefit


Subject tables (HR services).
HR Benefit Plan


Providers for benefits.
HR Benefit Type


Types of benefits.
HR Case


Base table for HR cases. The details of a submitted HR case.
HR Condition


Details of HR conditions used as filters for any HR table.
HR Conditions for Criteria


Details of HR conditions used as filters for HR Criteria.
HR Contact


Basic contact information for HR contacts (relating to an HR profile).
HR Criteria


Details of HR criteria used to define audiences for HR content.
HR Criteria for Links


M2M between HR links and template lookup.
HR Disability Benefit


Subject table (disability benefit).
HR Disciplinary Issue Type


Types of employee performance issues.
HR Disciplinary Warning Type


Types of employee performance warnings.
HR Document Acknowledgement


Stores document acknowledgement instances.
HR Document Template


Stores the PDF templates for services that generate letters.
HR Document Type


Details of document type for HR document templates.
  • Employment Verification Letter
HR Employee Relations Case


Details of an employee relations case.
HR Health Benefit


Subject table (benefit).
HR Insurance Benefit


Subject table (insurance benefits).
HR Lifecycle Events Case


Details of a submitted Lifecycle event case.
  • Account Notification
  • Request Onboarding

    Extends the HR Case [sn_hr_core_case] table.

Lifecycle Event Type


Lifecycle Event Types are a way to organize activity sets and activities together. Lifecycle Event Types are used as a container for activity sets and activities. Lifecycle Event Types are also associated with an HR Service.
HR Operations Report


Subject table (reports).
HR Operations Report Frequency


HR operational report frequencies (monthly, weekly, and others).
HR Operations Report Type


Type of HR report requested.
HR Operations System


Operations system for a report (payroll, HR, and others).
HR Operations System to Report Type


Type of HR report by system.
HR Payroll Case


Payroll HR cases.
HR PDF Template


Details of HR .pdf document templates.
  • Employment verification letters
  • Offer letter
  • Sample education agreement

    Extends HR Document Template.

HR Portal Content


Details of content that displays on the HR Service Portal.
  • Holiday Calendars
  • Links to information about the company, executive team, product documentation, suggested reading, community, blogs, and more.
  • Videos, tutorials
HR Profile


Subject table (profile).
HR Retirement Benefit


Subject table (retirement benefit).
HR Service


Details of HR Services offered to employees.
HR Service Approval Option


HR Service Option


HR Talent Management Case


Details of a submitted Talent Management case.
  • Candidate offer
  • Employee travel visa request
  • Request background check
  • Request drug screen
  • Work visa transfer request
HR Task


The base table for HR tasks. The details of a task associated with a particular HR case.
HR Template


Details of hr templates used to populate fields automatically for HR cases.

Extends Template table [sys_template].

HR Tier Escalation


Details of the HR groups used for case escalation.
HR Total Rewards Case


Total Rewards/Benefits based HR cases.
HR Visa Category


Type of travel visa. The base system provides business and work visa categories.
HR Workday Department Interface


Workday interface table for departments.
HR Workday DS Interface


Workday interface for worker data.
HR Workday ID Cross Reference


Maps Workday and ServiceNow primary keys.
HR Workday Job Profiles Interface


Workday interface table for job profile.
HR Workday Job Tracker


Tracks the workday sync jobs. When a run starts, a record is inserted in this table and updated at the end of the sync. The update includes the last run date and time and sync end date and time.
HR Workday Locations Interface


Workday interface table for location.
HR Workforce Administration Case


Details of Workforce Administration case such as personal information change requests, employment verification letter requests, onboarding tasks, and offboarding tasks.
HRIT Operations Case


Details of a submitted Operation and HRIT cases.
  • HR Account Access Request
  • HR Accounts Inquiry
  • HR Portal Support Request
  • Password Reset
  • Report Inquiry
  • Report Request
  • Setup New Hire HR Profile

    Extends the HR Case [sn_hr_core_case] table.

Bank Account


Details of bank account for direct deposit.
Activity Set

[sn_hr_le_activity set]

Details of activity sets and activities that make up Lifecycle Events.


Details of activities that are part of an activity set and together make up a Lifecycle Event.
Activity Field Mapping


Details of an activity field mappings that pass information from the parent lifecycle event case to an activity.
Activity Status


Activity Set Context


Client Role Rule


Details of mapping conditions to client roles.
CMDB HR Case Product Model


The product models used for HR case record producers.


Details on compensation for an employee.
Compensation Bonus


Details on the type, percentage, and amount of bonus for an employee.

Extends the Compensation [sn_hr_core_compensation] table.

Compensation Salary


Details of the salary and currency for an employee.

Extends Compensation [sn_hr_core_compensation] table.

Compensation Stocks


Details on amount, vesting schedule and dates, and quantity of stock for an employee.
Direct Deposit


Direct deposit information for an employee.
Fulfiller Activity Configuration


Details on Lifecycle Event Activities assigned and completed by a fulfiller.
Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mapping


Details on information from Lifecycle Events Case Table passed to another table.
Job Profile


Job profile description.
Lifecycle Event Type


Details of Lifecycle Event Types that are used to contain bundles and activities.
Matching Roles


Ordered Task


PDF Template Mapping




Job position information.


Signature Image


Contains images of captured signatures.
Topic Category


Details of topic categories used primarily to group common HR services and topic details for reporting purposes.
Topic Detail


Details of topic details that provide a more granular level of categorization for reporting purposes.
Tuition Reimbursement


Subject table (tuition reimbursement)
Who is covered


Collects information on people covered by benefits of an employee.