Script includes installed with Human Resources

Human Resources Application: Core adds the following script includes.

Script include Description
GeneralHRForm Generates employment verification letter from personal information in the HR profile.
hr Container for commonly used values.
HRBenefitTables HR Benefit table choice
HRSecurityUtils Contains various utility functions for the Human Resources App Scoped Security Plugin.
hr_AssignmentUtil Assigns groups and/or agents to HR cases and tasks
hr_Case Wrapper class for HR Case records.
hr_CaseAjax Wrapper class for HR Case Ajax requests.
hr_CaseHierarchyUtils Utilities for showing HR services based on provided topic deail, topic detail, or COE.
hr_CaseUtils Utilities to populate a case from a record producer.
hr_Configuration Utilities for getting HR property settings.
hr_Constants List of constants used in the State field of the HR case and HR task.
hr_CoreUtils Core HR utility functions.
hr_CreateProfilesAJAXProcessor Handles creating HR profiles via the Generate HR Profiles module.
hr_Criteria Utility for evaluating HR criteria and underlying conditions
hr_Filters Filters for groups.
hr_Payroll Utilities for payroll functionality.
hr_ProducerUtils Utilities for displaying data on catalog and portal.
hr_Profile Handles HR profile records.
hr_SCConfig Container for commonly used values needed by the service catalog manager plugin.
hr_ServicesUtil Utilities for creating HR cases from an HR service.
hr_SysUser Handler for HR functionality on sys_user records.
hr_Task Wrapper class for HR Task.
hr_TemplateUtils Utilities related to applying templates.
hr_UserToProfileMigration Helps create HR profiles from the Users table.
hr_Utils Generic functionality for the HR application.