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HR topic categories

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HR topic categories

HR topic categories are associated with HR topic details. Although topic categories look similar to catalog categories, they are primarily used to group common HR services and topic details under Center of Excellence (COE) for reporting purposes.

The following HR topic categories are predefined. Administrators can create HR topic categories in the Topic Categories module and define topic details to use the categories.

Table 1. HR categories
Name COE Description
Accounts / Access Control HRIT Operations Case [sn_hr_core_case_operations] Inquire about HR systems, access, or password reset.
Accounts / Access Control HR Lifecycle Events Case [sn_hr_core_case_lifecycle_events] Request access to internal company systems.
Benefits HR Total Rewards Case [sn_hr_core_case_total_rewards] Request information about or enroll in benefit programs offered by your company. Also, add beneficiaries and make general inquiries about benefits.
General HR Case [sn_hr_core_case] Ask a general question about HR services.
HR Operations HR Workforce Administration Case [sn_hr_core_case_workforce_admin] Request an employment verification letter.
HR System Support HRIT Operations Case [sn_hr_core_case_operations] Request support for HR systems.
Payroll Administration HR Payroll Case [sn_hr_core_case_payroll] Ask about or report a discrepancy in your paycheck. Ask a question about payroll or salary.
Performance HR Employee Relations Case [sn_hr_core_case_relations] Inquire about or report a disciplinary issue.
Reporting HRIT Operations CAse [sn_hr_core_case_operations] Ask questions about or request a specific report.

Create or modify HR topic categories

You can view and modify the HR topic categories. Topic categories are primarily used to group common HR services and topic details under Center of Excellence (COE) for reporting purposes.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > HR Services > Topic Categories.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Table 2. HR Topic Category
    Field Description
    Active Check to make this topic category active.
    COE Click and select the Center of Excellence (COE) to be associated with this topic category.

    COEs are associated with tables.

    Name Name of the topic category.
  4. From the Form Context Menu, click Save to save your work and remain on the Topic Category form, or click Submit to save your work and return to the Topic Categories list.
  5. Clicking Save displays the Topic Details section. Click New to create a topic detail associated with your Topic Category. Topic Details provide a more granular level of categorization for reporting purposes.