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HR Service Delivery Scoped

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HR Service Delivery Scoped

Welcome to the scoped version of HR Service Delivery.

You can deploy one or more of the following:

Case and Knowledge Management
Case and Knowledge Management allows you to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests.
Employee Service Center
Employee Service Center provides a single place for employees to quickly and easily get all the HR services they need.
Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions allows you to easily set up and manage lifecycle events such as employee onboarding, offboarding, relocation, leaves of absence, and other processes that span across multiple departments on a single service delivery platform.

You can also deploy any of the following supporting applications:

  • HR Performance Analytics Scoped measures key performance indicators to track HR performance over time. It requires a separate premium subscription to the Performance Analytics application.
  • HR Integrations Scoped allows you to integrate the scoped version of HR Service Delivery with HR management systems such as Workday and other third-party HR services that use SOAP APIs.