HR ticket page

You can create requests or view assigned or open tasks and cases with the HR ticket page. You can also communicate with HR from this page.

The HR ticket page displays when you select a case or task from My To-dos or Open Cases and Requests from the HR Service Portal.

Figure 1. HR ticket page: Request Onboarding
Example of onboarding request on the HR ticket page.
From the HR ticket page, you can:
  • Create a request from the HR Service Catalog.
  • View assigned open tasks and cases and ability to complete.
  • View the details and status about tasks and cases.
  • View attachments related to tasks and cases.
  • Sign or provide credentials indicating documents were read.
  • View and acknowledge watching a video.
  • View activity and status related to the tasks and cases.
  • Send a message about the activity.
  • Sign and complete tasks from the Case page.
  • Upload requested documents.
  • View and change the priority of your case.
  • View and add to the Watch list.
  • Approve or reject a task or case.
  • HR managers can view a running total of all cases or only assigned cases.