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HR Services for Case and Knowledge Management

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HR Services for Case and Knowledge Management

HR service categorization is important for organizing the HR services your company provides and for reporting and integration purposes.

Tip: For best results, do not configure multiple record producers to invoke a single HR service.

HR service categorization starts with the number of HR services your company provides. Does your company provide one or multiple HR services? For example, your company can provide multiple retirement plans with each having different fulfillment instructions with a separate service for each.

There are four levels to HR service categorization:
  • Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Topic Category
  • Topic Detail
  • HR Service
Each level provides additional details.
  • Define the appropriate categorization. At the top level, identifying the Center of Excellence (COE) determines the case table used for cases originating from the service. COEs are tables that extend the HR case table.
  • Topic Category is below COE. Use the topic category to organize your HR services. For example, some companies split Total Rewards (COE) into Benefits and Compensation.
  • Topic details provide a granular level of categorization and are useful for reporting purposes. For example, you can create a Medical Plan topic detail that would fall under the Benefits topic category. This structure allows you to report on the number of cases filed against medical plans when there are multiple HR services.
  • HR Services identify specific fields you want to capture on the HR case. You can create tasks to capture this information.
    • Define the fulfillment process. Create tasks to capture all work required for other individuals or departments. Acknowledgement types can be used to ensure that a task is completed. Instructions on how to complete a task can also be included.
Figure 1. HR Categorization
HR categorization chart