PDF APIs and PDF document templates

Use PDF APIs to create PDF document templates.

PDF APIs are called through server-side scripts like business rules and script includes.

API Details

The GeneralFormAPI.setDocument() sets document parameters for PDF generation. The parameters are:

headerImage Image in the header of the document template.
footerImage Image in the footer of the document template.
footnote Footnote at bottom center.
headerPosition Position of header image. Values are Left, Right, and Center.
footerPosition Position of footer image. Values are Left, Right, and Center.
pageSize Sets page size for document template. Values are Letter, Legal, and A4.
View the 'generate()' API function in the GeneralHRForm script include to see how the API works:
Code snippet:
var generalFormAPI = new global.GeneralFormAPI(fileName, targetTable, targetId);
generalFormAPI.setDocument(headerImage, footerImage, footnote, headerPosition, footerPosition, pageSize);