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Update vendor information

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Update vendor information

Most organizations import their vendor portfolio through an excel spreadsheet or an integration with another onboarding solution. Vendor risk managers make on-going updates to the vendor information.

Before you begin

Role required: vendor risk manager

Contact your sys admin for the creation of your vendor portfolio, before making any updates.


  1. Navigate to Vendor Risk > All Vendors.
  2. Select the vendor record.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Vendor
    Field Value
    Name Vendor name.
    Website URL for the vendor.
    Industry Type of industry.
    Vendor type Type of vendor.
    Status Status of the vendor.
    Risk rating Risk rating calculated by the vendor risk assessment responses.
    Rank tier Type of supplier.
    Vendor manager The employee assigned as the manager to this vendor.
    Business owner The employees using this vendor in the course of daily business.
    Notes Additional information.
    Street Street address of vendor.
    City City of vendor.
    State / Providence State or Providence of the vendor.
    Zip / Postal code Zip code of postal code of the vendor.
    Country Country of the vendor.
    Phone Phone number for the vendor.
    Fax phone Fax number for the vendor.
    Publicly traded Is the vendor publically traded?
    Stock symbol Stock symbol of the vendor.
    Revenue per year Revenue per year of the vendor.
    Number of employees Number of employees employed by the vendor.
    Banner image Banner image for the vendor.
    Banner text Banner text for the vendor.
  4. If Vendor Risk Management is integrated with other GRC applications, the related lists on the Vendor form can include:
    • Vendor Contacts
    • Business Services
    • Repeating Assessments
    • Assessments
    • Issues
    • Tasks
    • Profile Types
    • Risks
    • Controls
    • Security Scores