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Create a risk indicator

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Create a risk indicator

Indicator data for controls, risk, and audit evidence are measured differently depending on the GRC-related application.

Before you begin

Role required: risk_admin or risk_manager


  1. Navigate to Risk > Indicators > Indicators
  2. Select New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Indicator
    Field Description
    Number Read-only field that is automatically populated with a unique identification number.
    Active Check box that determines whether the indicator is active.
    Name Name of the indicator.
    Item The related control or risk.
    Template The related indicator template.
    Applies to The profile related to the Item.
    Owner The indicator owner.
    Owning group The group that owns the indicator.
    Override Template Click to override the indicator template associated to this indicator
    Last result passed Read-only field indicating whether last result passed.
    Collection frequency Select the collection frequency for indicator results. Indicator tasks and results are generated automatically based on the indicator schedule.
    Next run time Read-only field that is automatically populated with the next collection time for indicator results.
    Type Results can be gathered manually using task assignment or automatically using basic filter conditions, Performance Analytics, or a script.
    • Manual
    • Basic
    • Script
    Short Description If Type is Manual, this field is present. Brief description of the issue.
    Instructions If Type is Manual, this field is present. Instructions for the collection of indicator results.
    Value Mandatory If Type is Manual, this field is present.
    Passed/Failed If Type is Basic, this field is present. Indicator passes or fails.
    PA Threshold If Type is PA Indicator, this field is present. The associated PA Threshold.
    Script If Type is Script, this field is present. Script that obtains the desired system information.
    Supporting Data
    Table Use supporting data to gather supporting evidence from other applications.
    Supporting data fields Supporting data fields based on the selected table.
  4. Click Submit.