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Assess a risk

Risks start in a Draft state then move to Assess, during which a notification is sent to the assessment respondents.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_grc.user

About this task

Risk assessments do not appear in the Self-Service > My assessments & surveys module, because hundreds of GRC assessment records could be generated at once. Instead risk assessments are shown in a separate list view.


  1. Navigate to Risk > Risk Register > My Assessments.
  2. Open the assessment and review the details.
    If you are unable to answer the questions
    1. Reassign the assessment to another user in the Assigned to field.
    2. Click Update and close the record.
    Note: Only a user with the sn_grc.user role can be re- assigned the assessment.

    The list of assessments refreshes when you reassign an assessment to another user.

    If you are able to answer the questions
    1. Click Take assessment.
    2. Answer the questions and attach information, as required.
    3. Click Submit.

    The list of assessments refreshes when you close the Take Assessment pop-up window.