Script includes installed with Risk Management

GRC: Risk Management adds the following script includes.

Script include Description
RiskALECalculator Calculates Risk Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) based on Single Loss Expectancy (SLE) and Annual Rate of Occurrence (ARO) selections.
RiskGeneratorStrategy Generates risks when relationships are created between profile types, risk definitions, and risk statements
RiskMigrationUtils Utilities for migrating risks from grc_risk to sn_risk_risk.
RiskUtils Editable script include that allows RiskUtilsBase to be overridden without affecting the base code.
RiskUtilsAJAX Provides client-callable risk methods.
RiskUtilsAJAXV2 Provides client-callable risk methods.
RiskUtilsBase Provides base risk utilities. This protected script include cannot be edited.
RiskUtilsBaseV2 Risk utility base for Risk V2.
RiskUtilsV2 Risk utilities for Risk V2.