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Cancel a work order task

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Cancel a work order task

The Cancel Task option is appropriate if a work order task is no longer necessary or is a duplicate of another work order task.

About this task

Work orders and work order tasks cannot be canceled while in Closed Complete or Closed Incomplete state. When you cancel a work order task, the ServiceNow system automatically:
  • Cancels all associated transfer orders if the items have not already shipped. If the items have shipped, the system blocks the cancellation of the task until the parts are delivered.
  • Removes all upstream and downstream dependencies.
  • Changes the state of the parent work order to Canceled if all associated work order tasks are Canceled.
  • Removes all part requirements without a transfer order line.
  • Retains all asset usage information.
Work order tasks can be canceled by users with these roles:
Table 1. User roles
Role Description
Initiator Can cancel a work order, which automatically cancels all associated work order tasks.
Qualifier Can cancel work orders and work order tasks.
Dispatcher Can cancel work orders and work order tasks.
Agent Can cancel work order tasks assigned to them.
Field Service Management Administrator Can cancel any active work order or work order task at any time.


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Work Order > All Work Orders.
  2. Open a work order.
  3. Open a work order task.
  4. In Work notes, enter a cancellation reason.
  5. Click Cancel Task. An error message appears if text is not entered into the Work Notes field.
    For traceability, auditing, and possible deletion, field service administrators need to know the reason why a work order or work order task was canceled.