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Approve a work order

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Approve a work order

Approving a work order means that it has been reviewed and is ready to be qualified for task creation and assignment.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_approver_user or admin

About this task

When a work order is sent to a user with the wm_approver_user role, the approver can approve or reject the order, request more information, or mark it as a duplicate order.


  1. To activate the approval phase of the work order workflow, navigate to Field Service > Administration > Configuration.
  2. Select the Approval is required for new requests option.
    Table 1. Approval choice
    Approval choice Description
    Approved The order is approved.
    Rejected The order has been rejected by the approver.
    More information required The order does not contain enough information. It reverts back to the Draft state and the following work note is added to the order: The order needs more information for further approval.
    Duplicate The order is no longer required, because the work was already performed by another order. The order is moved to the Cancelled state and the following work note is added to the order: The order already exists.