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Central dispatch calendar

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Central dispatch calendar

The central dispatch board displays scheduled work order tasks in a calendar view.

The calendar displays scheduled tasks for a single day or for a week. Change the view by clicking the corresponding button in the header:
Displays 24 hours starting at midnight.
Displays seven days starting with Sunday.

The date or range of dates for the view is then displayed accordingly above the central dispatch board.

View different dates by clicking arrows in the header. Click the left arrow to display earlier dates and the right arrow to display later dates. Click Today to display the current date. A blue vertical line in the calendar denotes the current date and time.

The upper section of the calendar displays unassigned tasks, which are represented with these types of bars:
  • A solid bar that extends from the task's scheduled start time to the estimated end time.
  • A dashed bar that indicates the window of time in which the task can be completed. This bar is displayed if the task's scheduled start and estimated end fall within the task window.
The lower section of the calendar displays assigned tasks. The tasks are represented by colored bars that indicate the estimated work duration. The color of the bar represents the current task status:
  • Blue: accepted
  • Yellow: assigned
  • Gray: pending dispatch
  • Green: work in progress
  • Black: other states

The colored task bars are preceded by a thinner gray bar that represents estimated travel time.

Point to a task in either section to display a tooltip that provides information about the task, including the task number and short description. For assigned tasks, the initials of the assigned agent are also displayed. Additional information, such as estimated travel and work durations, expected start time, and location is also displayed. The information included in the task tooltips can be configured by the system administrator.

Double-clicking a task in either section opens a task form from the side of the screen. This allows the dispatcher to view and update tasks without leaving the central dispatch board.

Central dispatch calendar keyboard shortcuts

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Go to the next event E
Go to the previous event Shift + E