Use the Customer Service case timeline with other applications

You can use the Customer Service case timeline with other ServiceNow applications by creating a configuration for each application and adding the ResolutionShaper field to the desired form.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Ensure that the Customer Service plugin (com.sn_customerservice) has been activated.
  2. Navigate to the Resolution Shaper Configs page (<instance> and click New.
  3. Select a table in the Task Table field.
  4. Add the desired states in the Requestor States field using a comma-separated list. For example, New,Active,Resolved,Closed.
  5. Make any necessary changes to the remaining fields and click Submit.
  6. Navigate to the desired form.
  7. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Form Layout.
  8. Using the slushbucket, select ResolutionShaper and move it to where you want the timeline to appear.
  9. Click Save.