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Customer service satisfaction surveys

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Customer service satisfaction surveys

Customers can complete a satisfaction survey when a case is closed.

When a customer accepts a proposed solution for a case by clicking Accept Solution on the case form or closes a case by clicking Close Case, a satisfaction survey is displayed in the customer service portal. The customer has the option of completing or skipping the survey. Either choice returns the customer to the list of cases on the portal.

If a customer is using the email communication channel, an email that includes a link to a customer satisfaction survey is sent when an agent closes a case. The customer can click on this link to complete the survey.
Note: One survey can be generated per case. If a survey has already been generated for a case, a second survey cannot be generated even if a case is reopened and closed again.

The Customer Service application includes a default survey that you can customize as needed. To customize the default survey, navigate to Survey > View Surveys and select Customer Service Satisfaction Survey from the list of assessment metric types. To edit the default survey, open the survey and click the Survey Designer button.

You can also design your own survey using the survey designer tool. After designing a survey, be sure to select a condition for triggering the survey.

The Customer Service dashboard includes a Customer Satisfaction report that displays the survey results. You can also access the Customer Satisfaction report by navigating to Reports > View/Run > Customer Satisfaction.