Create a forum user

You can create forum users, which you then use to define memberships to a forum.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_communities.forum_admin

About this task

Forum users is a logical group of users, user groups, or both. Forum users are reusable. Before creating a forum user, check if any existing forum users match your requirements.

There are three types of forum user. Multiple forum users can be used in any given forum.

Table 1. Forum Users
Type of user Description
Public All community users, including non-logged in (guest) users. By default, they have content_read access to questions and answers.
Registered All logged in users. They have both content_read and content_write access to questions, answers, blogs, and comments.
Custom Specific users and user groups that are added as members to the current forum user.


  1. Navigate to Community > Administration > Forum Users.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields.
    Table 2. Forum User form
    Field Description
    Name The name of the user.
    Description The description of the user.
    User type The type of user.
  4. Click Submit.
    The forum user is created and added to the Forum Users list.