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Forum and user permissions management

Forum and user permissions management

Community and forum administrators can give users and groups of users different levels of access to forums and forum content.

There are three components that make up the security settings for forums: forum users, permissions, and forums.

Forum and user permissions
Forum users
A forum user is a logical group of users, user groups, or both. This group is used to define memberships to a forum.
A permission is a combination of:
  • access types for a forum
  • access types for a given content type

You can create your own permission or use one of the default permissions that the Communities application delivers.

Table 1. Default permissions
Permission Description
Forum Admin Access as forum admin.
Forum Moderator Access as forum moderator.
Public Access for all users. An out-of-box permission consisting of read access to Question and Answer. It is assigned to the non-logged in user. It can be assigned out-of-box to the forum user Public in a forum where the question and answer content is read-only to the public user.
Question & Answer Read Content read access on the content types Question and Answer.
Question & Answer Write Content write access on the content types Question and Answer.
A forum is the container for user-created content. A forum must be configured with content types and permissions before becoming available for users to contribute content.

To assign permissions to users and user groups, create associations between forum users and permissions for a specific forum.

Note: Forum permissions are not inherited in the forum hierarchy. Each subforum must be configured with its own set of permissions and content types.
  • You can use forum users and permissions in multiple forums.
  • You can add multiple forum users and permissions to one forum.
  • You can copy permissions from a parent forum to a child forum or from another forum altogether.
  • You can also define user-specific permission exceptions and debug user permissions.

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