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Community forums and topics

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Community forums and topics

A forum is a place for users to share content, exchange notes, ask and answer questions, and so on. A topic is a common area of interest and can be associated with one or many forums.


A forum is the container for user-created content. A forum must be configured with content types and permissions before becoming available for users to contribute content. Forums can be organized hierarchically using the Parent field. Once forums are set up, they are visible on the Communities homepage based on user permissions.


A topic is an area of interest that users can discuss. Topics are visible from the Communities homepage and also appear within forums. Topics can be organized hierarchically using the Parent field.
  • The community administrator creates topics and can associate a topic with one or many forums.
  • Forum admins can associate topics with their own forums.
  • If a user has access to a particular forum, they also have access to all its topics.