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Use field watcher

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Use field watcher

Access field-level debugging information using the field watcher.

  1. Navigate to the form for which you want to view field-level debugging information.
  2. Activate field watcher by right-clicking any field label on a form and select Watch - '<field name>'.

    The debug icon (The debug icon) appears next to the field label. From this point on, the field watcher records every action taken on the selected field. For example, if you are watching a Priority field, if the priority is changed from Moderate to Low and the record is updated, the field watcher will display information about that change.

  3. View the field watcher log by clicking the debug icon.
    A new pane opens at the bottom of the screen, showing a Field Watcher tab. It may also show tabs for JavaScript Logging and JavaScript Debugger.
    Field Watcher full screen
  4. Click the Field Watcher tab, if needed.
  5. Stop watching a field by right-clicking the field and selecting Unwatch - <field name>. To watch another field, right-click that field and select Watch - <field name>.
  6. Clear the field watcher log by clicking the clear log button (The clear log button).
  7. Resize the field watcher pane by dragging the splitter bar up or down. Dragging the splitter bar to the bottom of the screen closes the field watcher pane. Reopen the pane by clicking the debug icon again.

Field watcher tab details

The Field Watcher displays field information and configuration options.

The left-side of the Field Watcher tab shows the following information for the watched field.
  • Table: table to which the field belongs.
  • Element: field label.
  • Type: type of data stored in the field.
  • Dependent: field on which the current field depends.
  • Reference: table from which the field's value originates, if applicable.
  • Reference Qual: reference qualifiers that may be restricting data on the field.
  • Attributes: attributes on the field as specified in the dictionary entry for that field.

On the right-side of the Field Watcher tab, select the types of activity information you want to see for the selected field. Clear the check box for any type of information that is not needed.

Watching a hidden field

Administrators may need to watch a hidden field.

  1. Use the dictionary to determine the column name of the field.
  2. Elevate privileges to the security_admin role.
  3. Navigate to System Definition > Scripts Background.
  4. In Run script (JavaScript executed on server), enter the following command:
    gs.getSession ( ). setWatchField ( "hidden_field" ) ;

    Replace hidden_field with the column name of the hidden field.

  5. Navigate to the form containing the missing field.

    The Field Watcher tab output contains information about the hidden field.