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Script Debugger impersonation support

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Script Debugger impersonation support

You can use the Script Debugger while impersonating another user, but only if the impersonated user has the script_debugger role and has read access to the target script.

While impersonating another user, you can:
  • See and change breakpoints that belong to the impersonated user.
  • View and pause on scripts that the impersonated user has read access to.

The Script Debugger step-through controls also use the read access of the impersonated user. For example, if the impersonated user does not have read access to a function in the call stack, any Step into action instead becomes a Step over action.

The impersonated debugging session lasts until:
  • You stop impersonating the user.
  • You log out or the user session ends.
  • You pause the Script Debugger.
  • You close the Script Debugger.