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JavaScript engine upgrade

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JavaScript engine upgrade

The JavaScript engine used to evaluate scripts has been upgraded to support the ECMAScript5 standard.

There are no plugins or properties needed to install the new JavaScript engine, and all Helsinki instances use the new JavaScript engine. The new JavaScript engine is part of the platform; and Express, MID Server, and Edge Encryption use the new JavaScript engine.

The benefits include the following.
  • You can use modern library code, such as lodash.js and moment.js.
  • Your script will follow standard ECMAScript5 behavior.

The new JavaScript engine is based upon Rhino version 1.7 R5.

What you need to know

The new JavaScript engine provides an improved environment for developing scripts.
  • Legacy code continues to work.
  • Compatibility mode supports the legacy modifications to the old JavaScript engine.
  • All scripts created prior to the Helsinki release and global scripts run in compatibility mode.
  • New applications created in Helsinki default to run in ES5 standards mode.