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Configure outbound logging

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Configure outbound logging

You can configure outbound request logging to log basic, elevated, or all HTTP request and response information for specific domains.

To configure the log level for a REST method or SOAP message function, navigate to the record you want to configure and click the Set log level related link, then select a log level for the current record.

To modify the log level for multiple outbound requests, navigate to System Web Services > HTTP Log Levels and change the log levels using the list. All outbound requests that have been configured with a specific log level are listed.

You can override the log level for all outbound requests using the properties glide.outbound_http_log.override and glide.outbound_http_log.override.level. Use these properties only for a limited time when troubleshooting.

You can set the log level in a script using the setLogLevel() function from the SOAPMessageV2 and RESTMessageV2 APIs. For more information about using these APIs, refer to the API documentation.

Outbound request log levels

Certain elements are logged based on the configured log level.

Logged elements

The following elements from the request and response are logged depending on the configured log level.

Table 1. Logged elements by level
Field Basic Elevated All
Sequence x x x
HTTP Method x x x
Protocol x x x
Scheme x x x
Hostname x x x
Path x x x
HTTP response status x x x
Request length x x x
Response length x x x
Total call time x x x
System ID x x x
Source table x x x
Source record ID
Note: You must have read access for records in the specified Source table to view this field.
x x x
Scope x x x
Session x x x
Transaction x x x
User x x x
MID server x x x
Request headers x x
Request query x x
Response headers x x
Request body x
Response body x