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OAuth 2.0 tutorial - configure the Google service as an OAuth provider

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OAuth 2.0 tutorial - configure the Google service as an OAuth provider

Use the Google Developer Cosole to set up an OAuth 2.0 provider.

Before you begin

Role required: None

This procedure is performed within the Google Developer Console. You must have a Google account to access this console.

About this task

Configure the Google service in order to obtain a client ID and client secret, and specify your ServiceNow instance URL as the OAuth redirect URL.
Note: This information describes the state of the Google Developer Console and Contacts API as of July 22, 2015. Changes made after that date may not be included in this document.


  1. Navigate to the Google Developer Console (
  2. Log in using your Google credentials.
  3. Click Select a project.
  4. Click Create a project.
  5. Enter a Project name.
  6. Click Create.
    After Google creates the project, the project dashboard appears.
  7. Navigate to APIs & auth > APIs.
  8. Select the Contacts API.
  9. Click Enable API.
  10. Navigate to APIs & auth > Credentials.
  11. Click Create new Client ID.
  12. Ensure the Web application radio button is selected and click Configure consent screen.
  13. Enter a descriptive Product name.
    This name appears when you authorize the OAuth token in your instance.
  14. Click Save.
  15. In the Create Client ID window, add the OAuth redirect URI for your instance to the Authorized redirect URIs field.
    This URI follows the format https://<instance>
  16. Click Create Client ID.
    The client ID information appears.
  17. Record the Client ID and Client secret values.
    You will need these values to configure the Google service as an OAuth provider in your instance.