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Use the ODBC driver in Excel

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Use the ODBC driver in Excel

After installing the ODBC driver and its associated DSN, use it in Excel as a data source provider.

  1. In Excel open the Data tab.
  2. Under From Other Sources open From Microsoft Query.
    From Microsoft Query
  3. Select ServiceNow as your database (the default DSN name).
  4. Clear the Use the Query Wizard to create/edit queries check box.
    Note: The Excel Query Wizard does not support the listing of columns from a table name that contain an underscore ( _ ). Clearing this check box uses the Query Builder instead, which supports the use of this character.
    ServiceNow Data Source
  5. Supply the ServiceNow user name and password.
    Data Source Login
  6. Select a table from the ServiceNow instance and click Add.
    Add Table
  7. Close the dialog box.
  8. Select the table columns from which the Query Builder will retrieve data. Use the list above the table, or type the names directly into the columns, and then press Enter.
  9. To retrieve the data and create the Excel record, click the Return Data icon or select File > Return Data to Microsoft Office Excel.
    Query Builder Retrieve Data

    The requested data is brought into Excel.

    Excel ODBC Results