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Whitelist an API to collect analytics

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Whitelist an API to collect analytics

Select which APIs to collect analytics for, and select if requestor information should be collected for each API.

Before you begin

Note: API analytics is not available for certain APIs used for internal platform functionality, such as the UI and Mobileapp APIs.
Role required: api_analytics_read or admin

About this task

When a new API is added, a whitelist record is created automatically. You can modify or create new whitelist records to manually configure which APIs and requestor information are logged.


Navigate to System Web Services > Whitelist and create a new record.
Table 1. API Transactions Stats Whitelists fields
Field Description
API name For REST APIs, enter the API name. This name should contain only the namespace and ID of the API. Do not include any request parameters in the API name.

For example, for the Table API endpoints api/now/table/incident and api/now/table/problem, the namespace and ID are now/table.

SOAP APIs do not support separate logging configurations for different APIs. You can configure logging for all SOAP APIs by modifying the SOAP APIs whitelist record.

Collect API stats Select this check box to track analytics for the specified API.
Collect API requestor stats Select this check box to track which users make requests to this API. This option is available only if Collect API stats is selected.