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Check the review status of a pushed change

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Check the review status of a pushed change

If the parent instance requires pushed changes to undergo code review, changes are placed in the Awaiting Code Review stage.

About this task

If you configure the parent instance to send notifications, it sends the submitting developer a notification when the pushed changes are approved or rejected. Developers can also manually check the status of their pushed changes from the Pushes and Pulls module on the submitting instance.


  1. Log in to the instance that submitted code for review.
  2. Navigate to Team Development > Pushes and Pulls.
  3. Filter for the push you want to review.
    • Pushes in the Complete stage are approved and applied to the parent instance.
    • Pushes in the Collided stage are rejected because of a collision.
    • Pushes in the Awaiting Code Review stage are awaiting review.
    • Pushes in the Code Changes Rejected stage are rejected by a reviewer.
    • Pushes in the Code Review Request Canceled stage are canceled by the submitting developer.
  4. Click the Reviews related list to see the following information.
    • Who submitted a review decision.
    • What the decision was: either approved or rejected
    • What comments if any the reviewer provided.
    Code review status