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Approve or reject a push

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Approve or reject a push

Code reviewers must approve or reject a push from the Team Development application.

About this task

Although reviewers can see the individual versions within a push, they must approve or reject the push as a whole.


  1. Log in to the parent instance that requires code review.
  2. Navigate to Team Development > Code Review Requests.
  3. Select a change in the Awaiting Code Review stage.
  4. Review the changes in the Push or Pull Versions related list.
  5. Click Approve or Reject.
  6. (Optional) Enter review comments in Comments. These comments are visible to anyone who can see the Pushes and Pulls history.
  7. Click either Approve or Reject, as appropriate.
    Approve or reject changes
    Note: The URL and Remote Instance fields list the address and name of the instance where the change originated.