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Update set administration

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Update set administration

Administrators can configure options for update sets, such as excluding certain fields from updates and controlling access to the update set picker.

Administrators have the following options with update sets.

  • Create an update set to store local changes.
  • Select the current update set to store local changes.
  • Commit an update set to prepare it for distribution.
  • Report on the contents of update sets.
  • Compare update sets to determine what differences they contains.
  • Merge separate update sets into a single update set.
  • Create an external file from an update set.
  • Retrieve update sets from remote instances.
  • Apply retrieved update sets.
  • Back out changes applied from an update set.
  • Set system properties related to update sets

Exclude a field from an update

Administrators can specify fields on tracked tables that you can change without skipping updates to the rest of the record. To exclude a field from updates, add the update_exempt dictionary attribute to the field.

During subsequent software upgrades, the value of the excluded field is preserved, while the rest of the record receives updates. For example, you may want to select the Client callable check box for a script include, but still receive upgrades to the script.
Note: Values for excluded fields are not retained when you revert customizations to a default software version. For example, you activate a UI macro and change the XML script. Later, a software upgrade contains a feature for the macro that you would like to implement, so you revert your customizations. The default version replaces the entire customized version, and you now need to reactivate the macro. If you also change a field that is not update_exempt, then updates are skipped for the entire record (the entire customization is preserved during upgrades).

Track the Active field

The system automatically treats the Active field on a tracked table as update_exempt even if the attribute is not present. This allows you to change the field value without affecting the Updated and Updated By system fields.

To specify that changing the Active field preserves the entire record (it is not excluded), add the following attribute to the Active field on the table: update_exempt=false.

Track an application table

Application developers can track application changes in an update set to save or distribute a particular version of an application. During table creation, set Extends Table to Application File [sys_metadata].

Grant access to the update set picker

The update set picker allows users to choose an update set for making and tracking customizations. By default, only administrators can use the update set picker. You can grant access to additional users.

Automatically preview retrieved update sets

By default, the system automatically previews update sets as soon as it has retrieved them. To turn off this behavior, set the system property glide.update_set.auto_preview to false: in the navigator filter, type sys_properties.list then navigate to the glide.update_set.auto_preview property and edit the value field.