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Fulfill a service request

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Fulfill a service request

End users can request published services through the service catalog.

About this task

When a user requests a service, the ServiceNow system creates a new task for that service category. Service fulfillers complete these tasks to fulfill the request.

New request tasks are automatically assigned to the group or user specified in the Fulfillment Group or Fulfillment Userservice setting. If no fulfillment group or user is set, new records are assigned to the service category manager.

Questions for a particular service and the answers entered by the requesting user appear in the Variables section on the fulfillment task record.


  1. Navigate to <Your service application> > Assigned to me.
  2. Select a record.
  3. Review the information presented.
  4. Complete the task in accordance with department policies and procedures.
  5. Set the State of the service request record to Closed Complete.
  6. Click Update.