Source control integration

The source control integration allows application developers to integrate with a GIT source control repository to save and manage multiple versions of an application from a sub-production instance.

Linking an application to source control allows all application developers on a sub-production instance to:
  • Import applications from a GIT repository
  • Pull and apply remote changes from a GIT repository
  • Commit all local changes on the instance to a GIT repository
  • Create tags to permanently link to a given version of an application
  • Create branches to maintain multiple versions of an application simultaneously
To link an application on a sub-production instance to source control:
  • The sub-production instance must have network access to one or more GIT repositories.
  • Each application must have its own dedicated GIT repository.
  • The repository user credentials must grant developers read and write access to the repository.
Note: All application developers on the instance share a single set of credentials per repository.
After linking an application to source control, application developers can use Studio to manage the repository. From Studio, developers can:
  • Edit the application repository credentials
  • Commit all local changes on the instance
  • Apply remote changes from the repository
  • Create a branch
  • Switch branches
  • Import an application from a remote repository

The source control integration does not support managing applications on a production instance. Instead, manage applications on a production using the application repository, an update set, or the ServiceNow Store.